About Us

Decoratorsnotebooks.com is a global e-market place for bespoke luxury home accessories. The range of artisanal products offered on this platform, have been curated with careful consideration and crafted with creativity by international designers who manufacture to exacting standards.

Beautiful, bespoke, hand made accessories created by uniquely talented artisans from across the globe, are available for design aficionados and the discerning homeowner at decoratorsnotebooks.com. Our global connections with artisanal and luxury product manufacturers, ensure that we are able to deliver a wide range of beautiful home accessories that complement different interior décor styles.

What does it take to have elegant taste? It really doesn’t have anything to do with extravagant products or heavily embellished interiors. For me, elegance is understated refinement. It is restrained, unpretentious good taste that exudes confidence and is not intended to attract or impress others, but gently draws admiring glances. I gain tremendous inspiration from my travels. When one is surrounded by artful creativity, one must use the opportunity to inspire new ideas.

This wonderful collection of myriad products with special details, can transform any area of a home into a beautiful space. Buy what you love. A home should reflect the personality of its owner.

Priti Devi Founder & Owner