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  • understated elegance

  • understated elegance

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  • “Classic and Sophisticated the range of products include exquisitely
    designed furniture, home accessories, lamps, table ware, linen and soft
    furnishings, carefully curated from artisanal designers across the globe-
    a delightful collection of high quality, beautifully designed products”

    Straits Times Singapore

  • "My journey towards creating ‘decoratorsnotebooks.com’, a black book
    of beautiful, refined and artisanal accessories for a home, began a
    number of years ago. This journey stemmed from the love of beautiful
    products, and the joy of experiencing extraordinary design and creative
    accessorizing at luxury properties around the world. And finally, when
    building and decorating my own homes, I realized what a laborious
    process it had been to source accessories with distinct design. I spent
    hours trawling through multiple product sites, looking for unique, quality

    Epicure Magazine

  • "decoratorsnotebooks.com is Devi’s way of putting a spotlight on new,
    emerging designers, who are artisanal craftsmen producing high-quality
    products from Europe, Africa and Asia. By the way, you will find many
    pieces offered on decoratorsnotebooks.com adorning her home.”-

    Channel News Asia

  • “There are so many talented architects and interior decorators across
    the world doing amazing projects. They are always looking for unique,
    quality products for their projects, as are discerning home owners-
    decoratorsnotebooks.com is a one stop site where equally talented artisans
    can offer beautiful products for individuals, and professionals from the
    interior design segment.”

    "Priti Devi" in Tatler

  • Priti Devi states, “Hosting a successful dinner party is as much about
    great food, interesting guests and wonderful dinner table conversations
    as it is about a beautifully set table”


  • The luxury home accessories portal decoratorsnotebooks.com offers a
    collection of carefully curated pieces from around the globe. Products
    sold include throw pillows with natural shell embellishments, coffee
    tables in stingray, and bathroom accessories in horn and Wenge-wood,
    hand produced by craftsmen in Italy"

    Robb Report

  • "Entrepreneur Priti Devi says dressing your home is easy if you buy what
    you love and prioritize quality — and she shows you how to with her
    luxury home accessory and interior styling portal"


    The Edge Mazagine