To respond to the fast changing specialized customer shopping and trade purchasing and sales requirements, we have created a specialized niche double ended (buyer/seller) digital marketplace, for seekers and manufacturers, designers and producers of quality luxury artisanal home décor products.

It is our aim to connect business together-designers and businesses that have the creativity to produce world class interior décor products for homes, commercial and hospitality projects and retail stores, and buyers who are looking for beautifully crafted, elegant mid-priced luxury products for their homes, hospitality projects and retail stores.
Manufacturers and designers of high quality home décor products are able to promote their products independently, offer promotions and discounts, and buyers have the ability to purchase high quality, carefully curated products from reliable vendors at competitive prices.
Marketplace revenue includes a $0.25 USD listing fee for each item listed and a 10% fee for sales completed on our website. Additional revenue comes from seller services including our advertising platform and payment processing.

It is our endeavor as a niche e-retailer of high quality, luxury home décor products to be a global exchange platform for the specialized interior design segment where buyers and sellers can interact directly to access beautiful products that might not be found easily in their regions.

Our carefully selected partners and companies produce products that are not only beautifully crafted, but by companies that work in a sustainable, ethical manner, respect the health and safety of their workers and respect the communities within which they conduct their business.
Become a partner with where millions of customers seeking high quality, luxury products for the home, commercial and hospitality projects and retail merchandisers can find your products with ease.

Join us as seller

There is a nominal fee for listing your products at $0.25 cents per day till the item sells after which makes a small commission of 10% per item sold plus the standard payment processing fee.

Payments are automatic, immediate and are deposited straight into a sellers account at the time of a sale. Payments are processed via Paypal and are protected.

Tools and services:

  • Manage your business anywhere
  • Use the Sell on App to manage orders, edit listings and respond to buyers instantly, from anywhere.
  • Improve your views. Attract more buyers on with Promoted Listings and free social media tools.
  • Analyze and optimise your shop
  • Access detailed stats about your shop’s performance to help you increase your sales.

Web support: Reach out to our web specialists who can help you upload your products, create promotional banners, place advertisements on our promotional spaces